Terra 2.0 — Hopium or not?

Reasons Terra 2.0 concerns me

Though almost 80% of the users voted against the fork, people played along with it just in the hopes of getting their assets back. However, one user claimed that she lost $300k in Luna while getting airdropped with only $59 worth of new coins.

Do Kwon and ‘TRUST’

Throughout 2021, the LUNAtics multiplied as crypto saw its biggest boom to date. What happened later, took the entire crypto world by storm.

What keeps me hopeful about Terra 2.0

Despite the shortcomings and failure of Terra 1.0, there are some aspects of the new project that makes me want to believe in it.


Astroport provides a swapping and liquidity feature on desktop and mobile devices. Three pools are live at launch:


With the help of TerraswapUsers may swap and exchange native Terra and CW20 tokens directly from their wallets by integrating with the Terra Station browser extension. Terraswap will enable developers, liquidity providers, and traders to participate in an open and accessible financial marketplace.

Apollo Dao

The most recent project to go live on Terra 2.0 is STEAK. Steak is a liquid stacking protocol for $LUNA, whereby the protocol auto compounds staking rewards for users, while ApolloDAO describes itself as a yield aggregator and more to provide dApps and DAOs looking to redeploy on Terra2 an easy-to-use multisig Wallet.

Phoenix DEX

Directly from ashes Phoenix premier decentralised exchange came to save lunatics Phoenix’s automated market maker and liquidity pool design claim to offer Terra’s community the finest on-chain trading experience.

Stader Lab

With a single click, Terra 2.0 users can now transform Luna into LunaX and get auto-compounded staking rewards. LunaX offers you instant liquidity on DEXs and will soon unlock DeFi opportunities across the Terra 2.0 ecosystem.


With everything said and done, we can say that LUNA 2.0 and The ‘Luna’ are not really comparable in a compatibility sense. Terra 2.0 does things in a completely different way, and with different goals in mind. It has become an option for the loss and whatever just happened with LUNA



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